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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to have an estate sale, or want to attend an estate sale, here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

A close up a of a place setting on a table for an estate sales.

Q: Are estate sales only for persons that have passed away?

No. An estate sale is for anybody that needs to downsize.


Q: What if our neighborhood has strict HOA policies that do not allow for estate sales?

Not a problem. We have several options available that we can share with you to decide what's best for you. Some options can be: appointment-only estate sales, online estate sales, online auction sales, or off-site pop-up estate sales.


Q: How do you make sure you are making the most money possible for the estate?

We offer pre-sales, allowing customers to secure that must-have item at a premium price. And, we offer post-sale options for items we feel can garner you incremental monies after the sale.

Q: Is the initial consultation free?

Yes, it is.

Q: Do we need to buy the tables and materials for the sale?

No, that is included in our fee. Our team handles the entire setup, display, pricing, advertising, selling and summary. We make your life as easy as possible, and keep you abreast of the process throughout.

Q: What happens after the estate sale?

At that time, we will meet with you to determine next steps for those items we feel we can continue to sell post-sale. We do partner up with several local companies that can help remove any trash or left-overs, if needed; we would put you in touch, or coordinate the pickup for you at an incremental fee.

Q: What kind of things are sold at a estate sale?

From her jewelry to his tools we've sold lots of different items in our estate sales: antiques, appliances, artwork, bicycles, boats, books, cars, comic books, cameras, china, clothes, coins, crystal, dolls, electronics, exercise equipment, firearms, fossils, furniture, gardening tools, historical items, Christmas decor, halloween decor, Thanksgiving items, house plants, fine jewelry, costume jewelry, kitchenware, lighting, linens, quilts, military items, military collectibles, lawn mowers, lawn statues, musical instruments (pianos, guitars), office supplies, pens, inkwells, pottery, silver items, gold items, precious stones, rugs, sporting equipment, taxidermy, clocks, watches, tools, power tools, tosy and games, trailers and campers, yard art and patio sets.

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